Definition Of Lazy Writing

What I would like to see in your essay paper is you interpreting summarizing put it into your words what the writer says footnote it give them credit but don’t just list a bunch of block quotes that is poor writing that’s lazy writing only if a writer says it in a way that you couldn’t say it any better you couldn’t say it more concise you couldn’t say it more clearly should you quote them and let’s be honest you can probably say it just as short us just as well and probably a fewer words and they do I don’t put off your writing to the last minute this is why in this class you have to submit a full exegetical paper by week nine that way you have time to proof it your peers are gonna read it they’re gonna proof it and then you’re gonna get it back and then you’re gonna finesse it and then at that point you’re gonna turn in this exegetical draft is a full paper as if it were your final grade and you will be greatly penalized if you don’t submit a full draft. Learn more about working with your essay drafts at Edusson.

So when an issue is debated by interpret don’t ignore the debate let me give you an example in Ephesians chapter one verse one the phrase in Ephesus is not an every manuscript you probably should at least acknowledge that make a explanation of that and then move on when you date Ephesians the the date that is dependent upon which which imprisonment Paul was in he was in prison two or three times each of those were in different dates to say that this was written my poles in prison is not enough you need to say well I think he was this was the time when Paul was in prison here and this is why that is and here’s the date fit so when there’s a disagreement in the interpreters in the commentaries and you only find that out when you read multiple books then you’re gonna make sure we bring that here and then explain the debate and then make your choice and explain why you pick what you did now.

Whether it’s a show that you understand the issue and then make sure that you clarify what stance you’re taking and then as you move on through the paper and then lastly application we’ve not talked about application and so in your exegetical draft this may be a little fin for you but your last page before your bibliography will be application here you’re going to do the work as we will teach you in a couple weeks in chapter 13 but what you’re going to do is you’re going to identify the basic principles of your passage that we’re in key to the original context the original audience then you’re gonna show how that parallels to modern day and then you’re gonna make very specific application to the reader or to the modern believer so if we were doing Paul’s texts and Corinthians meat sacrificed to idols then you would need to explain a little bit about the the major elements there we’re talking about believers.

Adding Good Comparisons

I think  what works much better to put it at the end right so if you put it back here then you have all the scaffolding you can make smooth comparisons and and you’re good to go that is not to say that on this earlier part you should ignore related work right so imagine that you’re explaining something just to somebody on the whiteboard right you’re going to say well you know here’s the problem and here is the first way that you might think to approach it and you know you’re probably going to describe you know a pathway to your idea and that pathway is bound to be using ideas that you’ve you know from the Giants on whose shoulders you are standing and even on the whiteboard you might say this is an idea that you know Mike burrows divert when he you know and he developed B zip but certainly in a talk you could have a little you know square brackets Burroughs 93 just on the side. Learn how to make great comparisons at Edusson.

It needs an inform part of your soundtrack it just reassures your audience certainly your knowledgeable part of your audience that you do actually know that this is standard work you could say it standard work right but the the goal is for this initial part describe the problem describe your idea it’s an exposition in which you’re taking the reader to your idea by the most direct path right and the most direct path will involve some mention of related work and you should absolutely mention that describe it in as much detail as is necessary to get to idea and incidentally giving credit where credit is due but your focus is leading your own reader by the hand to the to your idea it is not at that stage on giving credit to the the related work does that make sense so it’s where your focus lies now when you get to write the related work section which you absolutely must I mean so in talks that there may not be time in a paper that you you know.

It really is essential scholarship to have related work to your paper is so here is something which you often find in related work sections that the you know the you you read it and it sounds a bit as if the author is saying well you know brown and white to this but it turned out to be really hopeless and you know green and and blue did this and that was pretty hopeless to it now but my idea is fantastic but so so they’re sort of not exactly denigrating but somehow you know the opposition wasn’t really very good but life isn’t like that so but it is if I have um you know 20 pounds in my pocket here we are well I’m money in my wallet so if I give this to Fraser right there you can take a temporary Fraser so I’m now ten pounds poorer and Fraser is 10 pounds richer what a transaction is taking place it’s a sort of zero-sum game but only a hand if I um you know Fraser is friend of mine and I give him love right and friendship am I the poor for it do I have less love to give to other people no love is a sort of infinitely divisible commodity.

Essay Writing Hacks

I can ask how to write an excellent essay so often and I really feel like writing an essay can be really stressful for a lot of students so I really wanted to make this video and share my top tips of how to write an awesome essay feel confident and to tackle essay writing stress because essay writing is sort of compulsory most of our lives when we’re in school so I really felt like this was an important topic to address and when it comes to school and uni essay writing is probably the most common assignment that we’re given so it’s really important that we get a hang of it early on and feel really confident in our abilities to write an awesome essay.

Okay now it’s time for some essay writing hacks so number one I really recommend it you guys take some time out to research your topic there is no point even beginning to write your plan or writing your essay if you don’t fully understand the topic and it’s really important that you do spend even a couple of days researching it because you want to utilize a number of different resources and researching the topic does take a bit of time so give yourself enough time to fully understand the topic and even consider asking your teachers or lecturers if they recommend any additional resources for you to use they might be able to give you some really helpful resources or there might also be compulsory resources that you need to reference in your essay as well.

Now that you’ve researched your topic in depth it’s time to begin the essay plan because writing an essay plan is honestly like half of the work your essay plan is the backbone of your essay it’s going to help you to write an excellent essay it’s going to help you form like all of your points make sure ideas flow logically that they’re to the point that everything is really relevant so it’s really important you take your time here and not just rush through it and write down a couple of different flow I’m a scrunched-up piece of hope that you found in your trash can now before you even put pen to paper and begin writing an essay plan mode I will stress.

This it’s really important that you read the question very very carefully because your question will often contain different task words or key words that will help decide on the way that you actually approach addressing the essay question so there might be different words such as explain discuss compare contrast all of these task words need to be addressed differently and this is going to be something that your teacher or lecturer looks at very carefully when it comes time to marking your essay and making sure that the question was appropriately addressed now for example if your essay question asks you to compare it’s really important to look at different similarities and differences for different concepts ideas and events or if it asks you to discuss or outline.

Essay: California Education Vocational Courses

After graduating from school, there comes a phase in life of every student when he is wondering what he must do next. Everyone in the vicinity seems to have made up his mind about the next step and the best career option for you. The best option for a student is to first weigh the options before him very closely. A close look would reveal that California education vocational courses would provide a jumpstart to your career. Going directly into vocational education makes you an attractive perspective for any employee who would not have to undergo he hassle of having to train you about the job right from scratch. California education vocational ensures that the groundwork for your career has been done even when you are getting your education. California education vocational opportunities are really good with many institutions mushrooming in California.

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The perceived superiority of vocational training over academic education has been erased now with vocational school pass outs getting better job opportunities and even better pay packets. In fact, the term vocational education has been replaced by the term career and technical education. A student is able to get hands on experience of the industries that they wish to join. High schools are unable to equip a many students to face the realities of specific job profiles. This is where the vocational training schools come into the picture. These institutions are organized to cater to the specific needs of trades such as management, nursing, Massage Therapy, Optical Dispensing and aviation along with others. Gaining a commercial or vocational degree or a diploma in a specific trade would mean that you are the first choice for the specific job.

Some of the guidelines while selecting the California education vocational courses and schools are. 

* Select a course carefully after thinking about your areas of interest. Going in for a vocational course that does not suit your personality can leave you frustrated for a lifetime.

* Choose a well reputed California education vocational institution whose teachers and teaching methods are acknowledged to be good.

* Another consideration should be considering the financial feasibility of the option you are taking up. Some courses can burn a hole in your pocket and student loan schemes might have to be kept in mind. 

* The location of the school is an important factor that must be kept in mind. Commuting can cause a lot of problems for a student who is already straddled with a lot of work. Though living in a hostel is an option, this option has to be taken only after the financial considerations have been gone over.

* Lastly, check the university with which the California education vocational school is affiliated. Your job prospects may brighten up with the choice of a school that has the name of a good university to back it.

The choice of a good California education vocational course and institution can actually change the way your career is shaping up for the better. Hope you keep these guidelines in mind while also making up your mind about California education vocational courses.

Vocational Education and Training in India

Attracting greater numbers of the student phase not just demands supply but in addition cost, mobility and relaxations within the eligibility criteria. With these feasible and infeasible boundaries, learning online acts as a boom because of mass education options, and, can substantially increase its scope to bring in more students to keep their education continued.

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Taking into consideration the requirements of the mass, who desire to pursue higher education, while continuing to function, distance education could possibly be the link for future students/working professionals to reach their dreams. The areas, that may strengthen the attempts of distance education in India, are:

Remote accessibility

At present, India has approximately 4137 colleges and 603 schools. According to a study, near 33% of most enrolments in the higher education system is from the ODL system. Distance Learning Universities could give attention to opening up information/learning locations in areas with reduced GER, to boost this percent, but a vast student potential. This apart, in view of the penetration in the US, the web medium of understanding and teaching can be used in areas with prominent internet presence.

Innovative platform for larger employability

As the competitive job industry searches for competent work-force, students with industry-relevant knowledge about the subjects they’ve studied, have a better chance to land in the right job. Business – focused training through cutting-edge course segments, with a right balance between academic and practical training, make a distance learning course more appropriate in the modern-day scenario.

These are some of the present day scenario in India’s vocational courses that is gradually taking the pace. But due to inadequate and inefficient conduit of technology there are still several students who are unaware about these courses that can help them to grow and make a lucrative career as per their interest.

Essay of Girl Of Nightmares By Kendare Blake

Girl of Nightmares by Kendare Blake

Publisher: Tor Teen

Release date: August 7, 2012

Pages: 336

No summary; this book review is spoiler free!
Do you dont know  how

My thoughts: The majority of Girl of Nightmares by Kendare Blake is build-up. If my memory serves correctly, this was not the case with Anna Dressed in Blood. Thus, Girl of Nightmares is a much slower book than its predecessor. Fortunately, it’s written by Kendare Blake, who manages to captivate her audience even when very little is happening in a scene. The lengthy build-up to the main conflict is enjoyable because it allows for character growth (something I love to see in a sequel). Girl of Nightmares is, mostly, about the characters. It’s about Cas and his internal struggle with his feelings for Anna; it’s about Cas and his evolving relationship with his new friends. This is, I think, what makes Girl of Nightmares a book worth reading. Sure, it doesn’t quite have the action, blood, and gore of Anna Dressed in Blood (at least, not in the first big chunk), but it’s just as meaningful.

No time or inspiration to write an essay? The can help with an essay and solve your problem!

This isn’t to say that Kendare Blake is no longer the Queen of Creepy. There are certain moments in the story (especially one that takes place in a forest) that will send shivers up your spine. Those who loved Anna Dressed in Blood for its horror aspect will not be disappointed (though they might be kept waiting a teensy bit—the real scary stuff doesn’t happen until the second half of the book). I still can’t get over how well Kendare Blake handles horror—how her writing allows even the most squeamish of readers to enjoy it.

If you enjoyed Anna Dressed in Blood, you will not be disappointed by Girl of Nightmares. It’s a satisfying ending to Cas’ story.

I hope you have found this essay interesting and it helped you. Please, feel free to share your opinion in the comments below. I couldn’t express how pleased I am to get your feedback, I would appreciate it very much. I’ m so excited about the fact that there’re so many books to read, so many stories to enjoy, so many characters to fall in love with. I hope you all share my book passion.- Now, get yourself a cup of nice tea  and don’t forget to read a couple of pages before going to bed. I can’t wait to buy a new novel.

Job Search Tips and Resources – Federal Government vs. Sales

Here you will find Job Search Tips and Resources for 2 higher paying career paths. The Federal Government and Sales Jobs have great but very different benefits.

The Federal Government is the 2nd largest employer in the World and Sales / Marketing positions are always in demand no matter what the economic environment. Let’s get to it!

Job Search Tips and Resources #1: Assess what you are looking for.

You must first ask some questions to get a feel for what may be the right career or job.

Some examples include:

How important is job stability?

Do you mind being on the road often?

Do you mind work related travel?

Is a steady salary your calling or limitless money making potential?

Do you live near a larger economic area?

DO you want a flexible work day or routine work hours?

Above are just some job calling questions that you need to be thinking about when evaluating possible career paths and jobs.

Job Search Tips and Resources #2: What common characteristics will you find in Sales and Marketing Professionals?

If you do not have one or some of the characteristics don’t fret. These are just common traits you can find in these industries.

No one perfectly fits the mold.

Common Sales or Marketing Professional Characteristics:

– Self Motivated

– Thick Skinned

– Organized (especially with time)

– Good at asking questions

Job Search Tips and Resources #3: What common characteristics will you find in Federal Government Employees?

Common Federal Government Employee Characteristics:

– Good at paper and electronic organization

– Want to help the general public or be a public servant

– Routine oriented

– Needs stability

How to get a sales job?

So you like some of the benefits and characteristics of one of these jobs and want to get started with a rewarding career?

The best way to get started or find a new job in the Sales industry is to contact a recruiting, headhunter or placement company.

These firms are hired by large companies to find qualified talent for their needs and to fill vacancies.

Companies are constantly looking for people with no experience to a seasoned professional.

Healthcare Job Search Tips to Help Secure a Job

In virtually all countries of the world today, jobs in healthcare are in high the available trained healthcare personnel never seem enough to handle the demands of the overall population. This situation applies in both the developed countries such as the US and in developing countries as well albeit to varying degrees. In line with the basic principles of demand and supply, it thus comes as no surprise that health care jobs are always among the highest paying careers in any job market.

Despite this demand, getting a healthcare job is not necessarily assured for everyone that is trained in a medical field. It takes a deliberate and systematic effort to get there.

Among the tips that can help you embark on a productive job search include:

  • You should be aware of the basic skill that is required for one to excel in any health care field, and that is caring. Even though medical careers provide generous compensation, they can also be very emotionally straining. One will only enjoy and give their best in a healthcare job if they have a genuine concern for caring for the ill, injured and aged. The importance of this attribute cannot be overemphasized given the fact that a caring nature, not something that can be acquired through academic learning.
  • When searching the internet for jobs in the healthcare sector, you must use not only relevant but detailed keywords. So if you are looking for a job as a critical care nurse in Miami, you can search for ‘critical care nurse Miami. Given a large number of healthcare vacancies available, taking this specific approach is bound to get you the jobs that best match your needs.
  • Aim for the best opportunities in your area of specialization that your qualifications can afford you. This is both in terms of the amount of exposure the job you apply for is likely to give you as well as the remuneration and benefits offered. Do not apply for low cadre position if you are qualified for a higher cadre role. The higher up you are able to join an organization, then the faster you move up the job ladder.

Your resume plays an important part in how successful your search for health care jobs will be. So how do you prepare it in a way that places you a cut above the competition?

  • First, you must be clear on the job it is you are interested in or intend to apply for. Do the research on what the market expects of applicants of such positions. Look through the job profile of past advertisements of the same type of job. Go for jobs you are qualified in. This will raise the chances of your resume being selected.
  • Your resume should detail the specific expertise and knowledge you will be able to bring to the job in the event that you are successful. Make your information as detailed as possible.
  • Go over your resume paying close attention to spelling and grammar. Get someone to proofread it for you.

Phone interview tips for job seekers

“Successful phone Interviews… Know what to say and how to say it. Avoid common mistakes and find out what interviewers look for…”

Job Interview Preparation Blog

Top 10 Interview Questions

These will still apply on the phone as well as in person.

However, a phone interview enables you to print out and have in front of you:

  • Your completed application form and CV- the same version your interviewer has
  • The job description and/or person specification
  • Your own notes and reminders of key things you want to get across, do not write out in full sentences, as you do not want to come across as reading a script- but keywords would be a good memory jogger
  • Questions you have prepared to ask the interviewer-

Questions are your primary tool of influence with an interviewer. They help you direct the conversation and assess if the company is right for you.

Tips for Phone Interviews

Eat a cough drop before you take the call to relax your voice.

Have water handy.

Have pen and paper ready to be able to take notes- your diary could also be helpful

Protect your environment: make sure you will not be disturbed- turn off the TV and iPod, settle the children, put the dog out of the room… turn your mobile off- in case it starts ringing while you are on the landline.

Show your interviewer that you respect their time and this potential role

Practice before the phone Interview:

  • Speaking slowly, fluently and enunciating words carefully. Record yourself into a recorder- apps widely available on smartphones
  • Replace aaaa and uuum and so no with pauses
  • Rehearse your answers to the common type of questions
  • Ask a friend or family member to conduct a mock phone interview with you- and ideally record it so you can go back and review it

How To Begin Fulfilling Your Needs Part 3

For many people this creates a feeling of fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of being the odd one out and being criticized and ridiculed. Seth Godin has a very poignant explanation of this in his book Tribes. Fear has been a topic of many self-improvement books. It has been explained as a primal response to immediate threats, where the sympathetic nervous system puts the body into a state of super vigilance and literally makes decisions over your conscious mind. It is a primitive means of survival that is now all but defunct in our modern society. We no longer have the same kind of predators we once had that would kill us in an instant, unless you have a lot of type A enemies that own guns.


It has taken me many years of racking my brain to figure out even a vague example of what my ideal future can look like. I simply have too many interests and wandered in too many directions. My knowledge and experience I believe I can use to help others as well with this blog. It is important to me because the same people I wish to be in dialogue with are those that are constantly seeking improvement and learning as well.


So why is decision making so hard with people when they finally have decided what they really would like to spend their time on? My argument is that people think it is actually the decision that matters.


My argument is that the decision doesn’t matter.


It is how you treat and live with the decision that matters.


When you involve yourself with something, you can be in it from 0 to 100%. Sure, you made the decision and you were confident about it, but a little while after, it begins to falter and you begin questioning yourself. Or you started off at 50% (which is equal to blah, but I can live with it) and after a short time your commitment grew to 100%. This is an example for something like a job and how your interest in the job waxes and wanes as time goes on.


But the decision to do that said thing never really matters. People will universally dislike a piss poor janitor as much as a piss poor CEO. A non-interested person is not interesting and a super motivated janitor is somewhat bizarre but interesting nonetheless. My point is is that the follow up is what counts, what you do after some of the pressure is lifted. So the decision really doesn’t count.


Once you have it out of your mind that a decision can absolutely ruin your life, it’s time to start sticking to those decisions, because they are your portals to wherever you want to go. They are the trampolines – it’s up to you how far you want to jump. Decisions will always be followed by other decisions. If you have an active interest in your life and you follow your decisions, they will become more interesting and more important every time. This makes life really fun to live.


Wait, did I just say decisions really don’t matter? Of course they do! Every decision matters! You are entirely responsible for every decision you make. George W. Bush, Osama bin Laden, Eminem, nor Lady Gaga can make you do anything. But it really doesn’t matter if you decide to be a doctor, a CEO, a janitor, or a teacher if those ideas are in line with your own idea of a quality life. You can find massive success with all of them. You must stand out, however.


This really isn’t a review of Seth Godin’s book Tribes, but as it is the most recent self-development book I’ve read, I have to say something about it. The main point of the book is that the real movers and shifters of today (and those that enjoy their lives the most) are the heretics, namely, those that are proactive enough to choose to be a leader, and for the purpose of helping others without searching for profit, change the world.


A reocurring theme I have found in blogging sites and now I am beginning to see in books like Tribes is the idea is that there are two kinds of successful people, those that succeed inventing their game, and those that succeed by phenomenally playing the preconceived game of life.


I am telling you right now that you are entirely capable of being successful in what really gives your heart pleasure while you may find difficulty being successful in something you are 50% involved in. This is the real challenge. Often the success of one’s life comes from an atypical source, which in the end becomes the stuff of legends. Unlikely success stories are the most inspiring.


Summarizing these three posts:

  1. Stop the noise in your life. Focus on what makes you happy. You can one day use it to help millions of people around the world, but you must be first calm and self-centered.
  2. Write down your goals and your dreams in life. Make mistakes in searching for them. Connections will begin popping up in unlikely places. This is a sign that you a progressing.
  3. Make the decision to be 100% committed to your decisions and if you cannot be happy with that, find something else. Act fearlessly, lean into your fears and you will find obstacles crumbling all around you. Every obstacle is an illusion, every fear an ancient ghost of our minds, pathetically out of date. Take control of your mind.


After deciding, act. There are no shortcuts. You will either die, or live that much better of a life.


P.S. – I don’t usually advertise other products on my site, but this one I really have to give a heads up to. The Nook has renewed my interest in voraciously devouring books in one day or less. I don’t even know why.