Definition Of Lazy Writing

What I would like to see in your essay paper is you interpreting summarizing put it into your words what the writer says footnote it give them credit but don’t just list a bunch of block quotes that is poor writing that’s lazy writing only if a writer says it in a way that you couldn’t say it any better you couldn’t say it more concise you couldn’t say it more clearly should you quote them and let’s be honest you can probably say it just as short us just as well and probably a fewer words and they do I don’t put off your writing to the last minute this is why in this class you have to submit a full exegetical paper by week nine that way you have time to proof it your peers are gonna read it they’re gonna proof it and then you’re gonna get it back and then you’re gonna finesse it and then at that point you’re gonna turn in this exegetical draft is a full paper as if it were your final grade and you will be greatly penalized if you don’t submit a full draft. Learn more about working with your essay drafts at Edusson.

So when an issue is debated by interpret don’t ignore the debate let me give you an example in Ephesians chapter one verse one the phrase in Ephesus is not an every manuscript you probably should at least acknowledge that make a explanation of that and then move on when you date Ephesians the the date that is dependent upon which which imprisonment Paul was in he was in prison two or three times each of those were in different dates to say that this was written my poles in prison is not enough you need to say well I think he was this was the time when Paul was in prison here and this is why that is and here’s the date fit so when there’s a disagreement in the interpreters in the commentaries and you only find that out when you read multiple books then you’re gonna make sure we bring that here and then explain the debate and then make your choice and explain why you pick what you did now.

Whether it’s a show that you understand the issue and then make sure that you clarify what stance you’re taking and then as you move on through the paper and then lastly application we’ve not talked about application and so in your exegetical draft this may be a little fin for you but your last page before your bibliography will be application here you’re going to do the work as we will teach you in a couple weeks in chapter 13 but what you’re going to do is you’re going to identify the basic principles of your passage that we’re in key to the original context the original audience then you’re gonna show how that parallels to modern day and then you’re gonna make very specific application to the reader or to the modern believer so if we were doing Paul’s texts and Corinthians meat sacrificed to idols then you would need to explain a little bit about the the major elements there we’re talking about believers.