Job Search Tips and Resources – Federal Government vs. Sales

Here you will find Job Search Tips and Resources for 2 higher paying career paths. The Federal Government and Sales Jobs have great but very different benefits.

The Federal Government is the 2nd largest employer in the World and Sales / Marketing positions are always in demand no matter what the economic environment. Let’s get to it!

Job Search Tips and Resources #1: Assess what you are looking for.

You must first ask some questions to get a feel for what may be the right career or job.

Some examples include:

How important is job stability?

Do you mind being on the road often?

Do you mind work related travel?

Is a steady salary your calling or limitless money making potential?

Do you live near a larger economic area?

DO you want a flexible work day or routine work hours?

Above are just some job calling questions that you need to be thinking about when evaluating possible career paths and jobs.

Job Search Tips and Resources #2: What common characteristics will you find in Sales and Marketing Professionals?

If you do not have one or some of the characteristics don’t fret. These are just common traits you can find in these industries.

No one perfectly fits the mold.

Common Sales or Marketing Professional Characteristics:

– Self Motivated

– Thick Skinned

– Organized (especially with time)

– Good at asking questions

Job Search Tips and Resources #3: What common characteristics will you find in Federal Government Employees?

Common Federal Government Employee Characteristics:

– Good at paper and electronic organization

– Want to help the general public or be a public servant

– Routine oriented

– Needs stability

How to get a sales job?

So you like some of the benefits and characteristics of one of these jobs and want to get started with a rewarding career?

The best way to get started or find a new job in the Sales industry is to contact a recruiting, headhunter or placement company.

These firms are hired by large companies to find qualified talent for their needs and to fill vacancies.

Companies are constantly looking for people with no experience to a seasoned professional.