Vocational Education and Training in India

Attracting greater numbers of the student phase not just demands supply but in addition cost, mobility and relaxations within the eligibility criteria. With these feasible and infeasible boundaries, learning online acts as a boom because of mass education options, and, can substantially increase its scope to bring in more students to keep their education continued.

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Taking into consideration the requirements of the mass, who desire to pursue higher education, while continuing to function, distance education could possibly be the link for future students/working professionals to reach their dreams. The areas, that may strengthen the attempts of distance education in India, are:

Remote accessibility

At present, India has approximately 4137 colleges and 603 schools. According to a study, near 33% of most enrolments in the higher education system is from the ODL system. Distance Learning Universities could give attention to opening up information/learning locations in areas with reduced GER, to boost this percent, but a vast student potential. This apart, in view of the penetration in the US, the web medium of understanding and teaching can be used in areas with prominent internet presence.

Innovative platform for larger employability

As the competitive job industry searches for competent work-force, students with industry-relevant knowledge about the subjects they’ve studied, have a better chance to land in the right job. Business – focused training through cutting-edge course segments, with a right balance between academic and practical training, make a distance learning course more appropriate in the modern-day scenario.

These are some of the present day scenario in India’s vocational courses that is gradually taking the pace. But due to inadequate and inefficient conduit of technology there are still several students who are unaware about these courses that can help them to grow and make a lucrative career as per their interest.